Jacque T.
San Ramon, CA


I went into Attorney Ennix office a few days ago to seek advice about a certain case. I wanted to see if I had a case and if I did what forms should I file.Unfortunately Bianca doesn’t represent this type of case, but she took time out her of busy schedule to assist me. She made phone calls, ask questions on my behalf, and provided me with helpful information.
Bianca did all of this and didn’t charge me . All I could say is thank you Jesus, for sending me to someone that is knowledgeable, , compassionate , and that genially cares . Most attorneys would’ve been to busy , or it would’ve charged me a fee. I can’t thank you enough, I appreciate everything you did.
I didn’t have a yelp account , but I had do something ,so I signed up to share my experience.

So if you want an attorney , that will be for you and not just about the mighty dollar , give her a call .

Thank you again Attorney Bianca Ennix!

Berj F.
Concord, CA


Bianca is someone honest! I called her and she called me back in a very short timeframe. I have never heard someone with her level of work ethic. She wasn’t able to take my case despite she wanted to help. The reasons made sense. So that showed me that she’s honest, not greedy and is very fair. She could’ve made money off me but she is honest and not all about the money. Most importantly, she can be trusted. I will recommend anyone to her with the utmost confidence. Thank you Blanca and keep up the great work!!! 🙂

Toi W.
San Leandro, CA


Wow. What a great experience. I asked for a consultation and Bianca was professional, knowledgeable and right on time with our scheduled call. She was prepared and knew exactly how to help me navigate my case. There is no one better to have on your team than a person who can be honest with you, fight for you, and stand with you while you’re going through it with these crazy insurance companies! I am so glad I found Bianca. While technically it’s not something you hope for, accidents happen; so –anytime I (or a friend) ever have a need for a personal injury attorney, she is at the top of my list! The bonus to all of this is that I actually enjoyed our conversation. “Who’da thunk it?”

Lupe R.
Oakland, CA


Bianca is great! Wish we would have found her earlier. A family member was in a car accident and first contacted Berg & Associates and received horrible customer service. Even though Bianca was not able to take her case she still provided her with great advice and really took time out to go through her case. Were glad we found her and will recommend her to family and friends.

Lydia G.
Cupertino, CA


OMG! where to begin. How about here. Bianca was a God Sent for me. I had retained representation of a big law firm in San Jose shortly after an auto accident. I thought it would be a stress relieving experience; boy was I wrong! This other firm was absolutely horrible. They actually made things worse. So, I began my Google search looking for new legal representation and found Bianca. Immediately, after her and I spoke, I could tell she sincerely & actually cares about how she treats clients and also, about how she operates her practice.

She gives the attention to clients that, you should have and takes the time to listen to your concerns and calm your anxiety…… & that makes a world of difference. She has helped me tremendously!! I am a professional Accountant & I know a quality professional when I meet one; and she is just that. She is now my Go-To-Attorney and I will without a doubt recommend her to others. Don’t waste time….. call her if you want an attorney that will treat you respectfully and right.

Monica J.
Berkeley, CA


Bianca was sooo awesome!!!! She was extremely kind, welcoming, and professional. She made sure to efficiently keep me updated with the process of my settlement every step of the way. I was very hesitant to go through this process at the beginning because I didn’t know what to expect but once I had my consultation bianca let it be known that she had my beat interest in mind. So glad I decided to go with her, and would definitely recommend her to anyone who is seeking an injury lawyer! Thanks again Bianca

Kristy P.
Morgan Hill, CA


Called into this office with some questions about a car accident my daughter was involved in. They called me back within 2 day’s and set up a phone appointment for me & Bianca to speak and by the end of the week I had the answers I was looking for. And Although this firm will not be taking my case, Bianca gave me very good advice and honest feedback about my daughters accident, and she was extremely helpful!

Sue H.
Elk Grove, CA


Ms. Bianca is the best personal injury attorney in the Bay hands down!!
She is very competent, experienceed attorney who will definitely provide excellent service do yourself a a favor is save yourself headaches and have her to represent you she would do a fantastic job with handling your case.

Ygnacio B.
Alameda, CA


where do i begin?
Ill start with a big Ole thank you. Bianca was the only lawyer that answered the phone. Within minutes i had a scheduled appointment for the same day. And within a short time i had a check in hand. I didnt even plan on getting a check from the insurance co. I was just trying to protect myself.

Letrisse W.
Oakland, CA


You’ve come to the right place! Bianca is a true professional at her craft. She is empathetic and cares about your needs. She will get the job done. Very streamlined process. I couldn’t believe how little I had to do! She does the hard work and gets results! Thank you Bianca!

Laday W.
Oakland, CA


Bianca really help me. She put my needs first. The best legal experience I have ever had. She called and check on me. She is now my go to attorney I’m very thankful.

Ajene D.
Oakland, CA


Whoever answers her phone is unprofessional and sounds like he doesn’t know wth he is talking about.

Matteo P.
Oakland, CA


Bianca really helped me, she called after I emailed her and schedule an appointment for the next morning. She really helped me to solve my issues. Call her because she’s great!

Gloria J.
Hayward, CA


I had a car accident in June of 2015 and I was referred to her by an associate that also worked with Bianca previously and I’m very thankful that I was able to work with her she was very understanding to my situation and jumped right into action making sure everyone involved in my car during my accident received treatment for all injuries sustained during the accident she kept me up to date on everything that was going on with my case if I had to recommend her to someone I would for sure let them know about Bianca Ennix

Sukie J.
Los Angeles, CA


The best legal experience I have ever had!! Bianca and her team were efficient and knowledgeable. She put my needs first and the extent to which she was willing to go to bat for me in my case was limitless. She got me more money back to me than any other attorney I worked with and provided a free introductory consultation. She unquestionably is the best personal injury attorney in the Bay Area. I could not have made it through my accident without her. Thank you!!!!!

Rosela A.
Oakland, CA


I remember seeing a newspaper clipping in her office with a title that went something like,”Ennix is the Darling of Tennessee” – I may have the state wrong, but wow, yeah, what a darling.

The driver who struck me had this shady insurance company that Ms. Ennix worked her magic on. I honestly thought it was a lost cause because it was so hard to get a hold of the company, and the company would say they were trying to get a hold of me, which was completely untrue – to the point that one of the adjusters lost ALL of the paperwork and police reports I’d sent because he quit and never filed them. After 9 months of waiting, I decided I needed to get a lawyer, and I’m so happy I found Ms. Ennix.

Even when it turned out that the guy only had the minimum for insurance and my bill was, like, not even close to that, she was still able to get me as much cash in my pocket as possible, even if it was on her dime. Yeah, she wound up with way less than what we thought going into it, but she was so happy to help jumble some numbers around. Ms. Ennix is so knowledgeable, and I’m happy I had her on my side with this sketchy insurance company. All she wanted was for me to get better, and she took care of the rest.

I’d recommend her to anyone!

C L.
Oakland, CA


I was in a “Hit n Run” accident on freeway in March 2014;I was seeking a Personal Injury attorney in bay area. I decided to try someone knew. I approached a few big name law firms, who never called back in a timely matter. I looked at Ms. Ennix add in yellow pages and caught my eye, because it was basic and to the point. I made an appointment and was seen immediately. She is intelligent, professional, and got my check from the other drivers insurance within a week for auto repair.
I feel newer attorneys ( less then 10 years) try harder .
I can always call her office for information regarding my case and I have already referred her to others.
If you want and attorney who will work hard for you, select Ms. Ennix.

Carol K.
Oakland, CA


I highly recommend Bianca. I want to tell you why! I recently had an auto accident. I was extremely hesitant about getting an attorney because I had such a horrible experience with a personal injury attorney 10 years ago. (The attorney I had 10 years ago, did a poor job communicating with me and when the case settled, all the money went to paying the bills and the greedy attorney. I walked away from that lawsuit with no money.) I decided to step out on faith and hire Bianca with my recent case. I’m so glad I did! Bianca and her staff were great at answering all of my questions and concerns about my accident case. Bianca cared about the progress of my medical treatment and healing. When the case settled, she got my medical bills reduced and she even gave me a reduction in her fee. The gesture alone meant the world to me because I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income. She definitely has restored my faith in attorneys. Unlike my first attorney, Bianca cared about me and my well being!

Cory T.
Antioch, CA


I was in a automobile accident recently and I received Ms. Ennix’s card from a very reliable source. From the moment I met her she was very professional and only interested in getting exactly what I deserved for my claim. The case was resolved in a timely manner and I was very satisfied with my settlement. Ms. Ennix is an exceptional attorney who gets results.

Glenn L.
Hayward, CA


Bianca assisted me with great advice after a Lawyer I hired wasn’t communicating with me how he needed to. Right off the bat I felt a genuine person just trying help me out anyway she can. What I can say is that she is worth the first call if you are looking for an attorney to fight for you. Her personality, passion, knowledge, and helpfulness won my vote from the start. I hope to work with her someday. To be continued…..

Brandon B.
Moraga, CA


I was hit by a car on a training ride over a year ago. The case seemed pretty straight forward, the women acknowledged the fact it was her fault however I was only 18 I didn’t know what to do. Thanks to Bianca the case was handled very well and I got everything I needed. Her team got the settlement fairly quickly, lowered some of my bills and handled it all for me, all I had to do was read papers and sign. I recommend Bianca Ennix attorney at law to anybody in need of lawyer because of how simple she can make a case be when it looks like it can be a stressful as the accident was. She’s as professional as people get.

Brian B.
Oakland, CA


I was on my way to meet a potential client. While waiting at a stop light, my car was rear ended by a person texting on her cellphone. While waiting on police to arrive, my girlfriend suggested I look up an attorney on my cellphone. I came across Bianca Ennix Law Offices mobile website and decided to give her a call. The whole experience of working with her Law Office was extremely stress free. Bianca and her staff explained everything to me in very simple to understand non legal terms. They took their time when I needed things explained 2 or 3 times. So I was 100% clear of every step of the process. I never left a meeting or ended a phone conversation unclear of anything. I didn’t want to deal with Insurance Company and Bianca took care of it for me. Since I wasn’t able to work, I explained to Bianca my concerns about paying my bills. She made sure my case was settled on time like she promised. Hands down I would recommend the Law Office of Bianca Ennix to anyone that found themselves in an accident.

Antoinette S.
Richmond, CA


Bianca has been helping me with case for my daughter since 2013. My daughter had a terrible slip and fall accident at a physical therapy rehabilitation facility. As a result of her hard work, she got my daughter a six figure settlement. Bianca was on top of everything professionally. She was very caring and supportive. She listened to my concerns about my daughter’s disability and her wellbeing. She would always call me to see if I was doing well and if my daughter was doing well. Bianca always made me feel comfortable when I called her. She answered all my questions about the court proceedings. Bianca was always open to talk. She made me feel like I was not just a client…she stepped outside of the lawyer role and made me feel like her family member. My daughter always asked about Bianca; especially when she was about to have her baby. She did more than just do her job…I felt secure to talk to her about anything..even if it wasn’t about the case. She was always smiling-that made me feel warm inside. Bianca was very honest about the whole case. I also felt very comfortable with Bianca’s assistant and office manager. They were always professional and polite. If Bianca was not available, they provided me with updates. Bianca gives the best hugs! I’m extremely appreciative of everything she did for my family.

Solomon M.
Oakland, CA


This attorney really put me at ease when I talk to her about a case I’m going through she gave me important information I can use I wish I knew her before this case begin I give her 100% for her knowledge and expertise on these matters…You been added to favorites for future use
and referrals

Lai M.
San Diego, CA


What can i say. Attorney Bianca is great!! She was there every step of the way after i was rear-ended. She guided me through the secondary phase of my continued treatment after getting the run around from the insurance company some chiropractors. After paying out of pocket for my initial treatments which was crucial for my getting better she finally oversaw my wellness and I recovered eventually. I would recommend her to anyone! She is the fighter for those of us who are not well versed with the law as far as our rights!!

Thank you Bianca and your awesome team!!

Dalevon P.
San Francisco, CA


My father had an accident and was recommended Bianca from a friend and what a referral it was. The quality of service was unmatched, Bianca and her team were so helpful and treated us like family. There’s very few places that you can get that kind of service now-a-days. She is punctual and a hard worker. In my opinion her work is better than average. I have found her steady and cooperative, two qualities both me and my father appreciate. I have found attorney Bianca loyal to those she serves. I sincerely feel that whoever is fortunate enough to have her as their attorney at law will be rewarded with work well done. I know she will measure up to your expectations. My father and I can recommend her with confidence.

Russell W.
Oakland, CA


When I had my first meeting with Atty. Ennix, it was a little unconventional. She called me by skype while she was in a hospital room with her sick fiance in Colorado. I was touched that she cared enough about my accident to step away from her fiance’s bed to talk to me. Once she learned about my accident, she worked endless hours to help get me justice. I was hit by a car while I was crossing an intersection on my bicycle. She got me $100,000.00 for my injuries! She will go out of her way to get the job done. She is energetic, honest, straight forward. She definitely put her foot work in.

Marian R.
Alameda, CA


I want to recommend the Law Office of Bianca R. Ennix to everyone! Four years ago my disabled son had an accident that left him with severe injuries. The case was challenging. Most attorneys would have turned down the case. However, Bianca was determined to get my son the justice he deserved! She and her Spanish Speaking assistants helped me understand the litigation process. They spent a great deal of time explaining to me the positive and negative effects of the different decisions I made regarding the case. I truly appreciated her passion and purpose to help my son. Originally, the defendant told me the case was only worth $12,000.00 and said that the accident was not really their fault. Bianca fought hard and got my son a six figure settlement.

Nydia L.
Oakland, CA


Just imagine being in an accident, in pain and not knowing who to turn to. You open the phone book to look for an attorney and your searching and searching for “something” to show you who to call for help. I saw Attorney Ennix’s add and “something” said this is your attorney!!! From my very first call to her office, the staff was courteous, patient and they offered sound legal advice. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Attorney Ennix on two cases, we were rear ended on the freeway (2012) and a slip and fall (2015). In both cases, Ms. Ennix and her staff put our needs first, getting quality medical treatment. Both cases settled fairly quickly, and I know that the settlement received was truly due to Ms. Ennix’s hard work.

I’m so thankful to have Bianca and her staff on my side.

If your unfortunate to be in an accident. You will want Attorney Ennix in your corner. She will fight for you like no one else!!!!